Virtual Engineering becomes reality

Virtual Engineering becomes reality

Tritec Marine has ventured into the world of Virtual Reality Engineering with investment in leading technology.

The Company is the first purchaser of a new ActiveMove CVR System developed by Virtual Reality (VR) solutions company Virtalis.

The move will allow Tritec to offer effective concept design solutions which will directly solve existing and challenging maritime and offshore transportation problems or improve on current practices.

David Scott, Tritec Marine General Manager Director, said: “We had been investigating Virtual Reality (VR) for some time, ever since we attended an industry conference on the digital enterprise, and we saw real value in bringing our CAD data into 3D to fully communicate our conceptual designs.

“We have to work on overturning preconceived ideas – as our design concepts have been developed from first principles, not from what is there already.

“We realised that VR isn’t just for gaming and consumer sales and that for us the value will lie in being able to walk stakeholders through our concepts.

“I experienced CyberAnatomy and thought that I very quickly understood more about the human anatomy than I ever could have assimilated from books.

“We discovered that Virtalis Visionary Render software can take our CAD data and swiftly render it into virtual 3D ships.”

Visionary Render delivers advanced rendering of huge models in real-time with ease of importing from a range of data sources, maintaining naming, hierarchies and the all-important metadata.

David added: “It is apparent that VR technology makes cost and time savings from day one, because the snagging is done in the virtual world, not in the real world.

“It is clear that VR helps us get our message across to different audiences from different backgrounds.”

The Company is deploying CVR in a project involving radical concept designs for ships transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

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