Ship Management & Marine Services

NOVA International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hanoi with our operations office located in Ho Chi Minh City. Positioned in the hub of Vietnam’s shipping and marine services industry, we offer our ship management services to both international and local clients. Our services cover all aspects of ship operation and performance, ranging from technical management to crew management, bunkering, insurance, commercial management, chartering and fee-based support services.

Ship Management Services

  • Maintenance and repair planning
  • Spare parts management and handling
  • Documents control
  • Event handling and maintenance/repair (including dry-docking) supervision
  • Monthly and event reporting
  • Compliance audits to meet all statutory compliance requirements
  • Accounting management
  • Store acquisition and bunker supply
  • Crew recruitment, training and management
  • Shipping agency services
  • Crew change services: Visa, transportation, hotel, boarding permit, sign-on sign-off
  • Catering and provisions

Commercial Management and Chartering

  • Voyage, COA, term and spot charter (including negotiation of charter parties)
  • Collection of freight or charter hire
  • Resolution of charter party disputes

Fee-based Support Services

  • Technical, operational (long term or short term or call-off basis)
  • Office facilities, administration and logistics support as and when required