180703-NOVA-Consulting-and-Advisory-Summary.R1Consultancy Services

NOVA has a strong track record of delivering results to its clients providing specialist, technical and support services to industry and to the energy sector within Vietnam.

NOVA has expanded its advisory and consulting services offering, as part of that commitment to deliver results for our customers.

Our vision of success is to build on our existing business platform, access to projects and network of clients in Vietnam (private and state owned), to expand the range of service offerings to NOVA’s Vietnam customers.

NOVA’s consulting practice is focused on three core activities:

(Download NOVA Consulting and Advisory Services Summary)

NOVA-SECORA Strategic Alliance

NOVA and SECORA (AUSTRALASIA) PTY LTD ( offer distinctly Vietnamese Consulting Expertise leveraging our local knowledge, supported by SECORA’s Global Consulting Resources in Lean Implementation.

Each Party brings complementary value propositions to the venture.

  • NOVA: existing knowledge base, infrastructure and access to projects with an intimate understanding of operational and organizational challenges faced by its network of clients in Vietnam.
  • SECORA: significant resources and expertise in a range of industry segments (including energy, construction and manufacturing), to apply to Lean Transformations, Organizational Capability development, process improvement, digitalization and other process enhancement areas to help clients address cost and productivity issues that can improve results, performance and efficiency.
  • Strong focus on the SME manufacturing and process industry, Energy and Construction space leveraging NOVA’s Vietnam expertise and SECORA’s Australia / ASEAN project experience.

(Download NOVA – SECORA Strategic Alliance Summary)

(Download NOVA – SECORA Strategic Alliance: Lean Management Summary)

Commercial and Business Development Advisory

NOVA’s service offering encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients looking to advance business development opportunities in Vietnam.

Through our existing infrastructure, market knowledge, network of clients and deep stakeholder relationships, NOVA has the capacity to deliver consistent with client’s value drivers and business objectives:

  • Structure and execute a Vietnam Business Development and Commercial Strategy;
  • Manage all stakeholder engagement utilizing NOVA’s Vietnam footprint;
  • Advise on commercial negotiation strategy and negotiation strategy implementation;
  • Assess relevant commercial risks and suggest / structure solutions and risk mitigation
  • Directly negotiate commercial agreements if the client requires;
  • Manage all local infrastructure support in country client visits and local engagements.

NOVA’s value proposition includes:

    • Vietnam Commercial / Business Development Advisory
    • Business Development Strategy Framing
    • Commercial Strategy Advisory
    • Negotiation Advisory/Strategy Framing


  • VN Country Entry Advisory
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Planning
  • Business Planning Advisory

Representation Services

NOVA works with selected industry leaders in specialty and niche products and services who seek partners to drive product placement in Vietnam.

Our existing strategy calls for an additional representation appointment within the power sector and which is currently under negotiation.

Oil and Gas Asset Investment Advisory

NOVA – has existing infrastructure, access to projects, a network of clients and deep stakeholder relationships in Vietnam through its ongoing business platform in the energy space to leverage access to buy and sell-side opportunities and information that can be utilized to build a targeted, fit-for-purpose Business Development portfolio structured to address and align with client priorities and value drivers.


Dan is currently leading NOVA International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.’s Consultancy Services start up. He was previously engaged as Gas Advisor and Major Gas Projects Team Leader for the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petro Vietnam), Vietnam’s State energy company, during the period 2015 to mid-2017.

Please contact Dan directly for further details and advice on NOVA’s Consultancy Services. You can access Dan’s career biography and contact details, after inputting your contact information in the form below,  or select the Contact button at the top of this page: